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Star Trek: Gateways #6: Cold Wars by Peter David

Star Trek: Gateways #6: Cold Wars by Peter David

The Iconian Gateway Crisis as seen from yet another perspective.  This time the crews of the Excalibur and Trident who are patrolling Sector 221-G, formerly the Thallonian Empire, which has recently collasped.  In this section of space the Gateways are used to allow two species, who were seperated by The Thallonians, to reignite old hostilities and each attempt genocide of the other.

Captains Calhoun and Shelby have to try to prevent these two species from annihilating each other while also trying to get their hands on the Gateways so they can study them for the Federation.

This was, in my opinion the best of the first six Gateway novels.  The story was very excitng, and kept me guessing as to the outcome.  And unlike the Challenger entry in the saga the fact that I had not read any of the previous New Frontier novels (and there are a lot of them) did not hamper my enjoyment of the novel.  Needed facts about characters were introduced and explained in a way that did not feel intrusive.

And this novel made me want to pick up and read all the other New Frontier books.  Especially, because of the character Burgoyne 172.  S/he comes from a species called "Hermats."  Every single member in this species is what we would call "intersexed,"  having full male and female characteristics.  Just this character alone has made me add the New Frontier series to my "to-be read" list.

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